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Art Curriculum and Goals

Art Education and Vocabulary

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Photo Vocabulary 1

Photo Vocabulary 2

Middle School Photography Courses

Intro to Photography for Middle School

Focus on Photography Curriculum

Master Photographers

• demonstrate use of a diverse number of art tools and media 
• apply design elements and principles 
• use two and three dimensional media for expression 
• apply the use of media skills in a problem solving context 
• utilize technology to communicate ideas to achieve artistic solutions 
• produce art work which displays knowledge of diverse cultures, styles, and periods of art, ART CRITICISM Analysis, Interpretation, and Judgment 
• recognize and analyze design elements 
• recognize art media and processes 
• recognize artistic mood and expression 
• exhibit art work 
• discuss connections between visual arts and other disciplines 
• site criteria and offer reasons for judgments of artwork ART HISTORY, Visual Arts Heritage 
• research historical and cultural contexts of art 
• examine the historical and cultural understanding of artworks 
• identify styles, influences, and themes in art
• discover relevant community creative resource                         

On Campus (photo groups) and Off Campus Photo Shoots

-Composition Walk
-School Supplies

-One Point Perspective (Off Campus)
-Two Point Perspective (Off Campus)
-River Hawk Walk

-Scavenger Hunt Photos (Off Campus)

Composition Walk

Symmetry – same on both sides
Dominance – focal point
Person/People – rule of thirds
Animal – birds, pets
Nature- trees, flowers, mountains
Giants View – looking down
Ants View – looking up
Part of Subject (close-up) super close-up
Montage – series of 5 photos with theme (trees, flowers, people)
Vertical – up and down
Horizontal – across
Interesting Lines – lines in a pattern
2/3rds rule – not centered
Unusual Angle – tilt camera
Texture – Surface (bumpy, rough)
Far Away Detail – Everything in focus
Close-Up Fuzzy Background – Latest IPhone in Portrait Mode, Digital SLR use focus​​​

Scavenger Hunt Photos (Home Photos)
Instructions: 1 Scavenger Hunt Photo Shoot per week required. The following compositions are required for each photo Category: Rule of Thirds or 2/3rds rule, Giants View, Ants View, Unusual Angle, and One composition of choice. Add extra compositions and get extra credit. 10 points a week for photos. 5 Photos, 1 of each composition.

1.    Eating ice cream or frozen dessert
2.    Someone Dancing
3.    Someone in wacky outfit
4.    Eating a sit down meal
5.    Modeling Sunglasses
6.    In front of a store
7.    Person with an animal
8.    Posing like a famous musician
9.    Posing with a hat
10.   3 types of leaves
Extra Credit Scavenger Hunt (one per quarter)

11.    Reflection in glass  

12.   Someone demonstrating a Karate move 

13.    Someone riding a bike
14.    Person or people jumping in the air
15.    Car or truck you really like
16.    Hand holding brand new product 


Annenberg Photo Museum

G2 Gallery

Type a one page double spaced paper in your own words about the following opportunities in 12 point Times for up to 5 points extra credit. Photo at Event and/or Printed Material Evidence Required. Limit is one per quarter.

​1. Tell your elected officials why arts education and programs are important.
2. Voice your advocacy to your administration for more arts programs in your school district.
3. Become a member at a local or county museum! (Research Museums in Los Angeles!)
4. Visit museums and exhibitions (openings are really fun).
5. Support the National Endowment for the Arts or your favorite local or public arts program.
6. Buy from local online artists for home decor, crafts, and gifts.
7. Go see a live concert, broadway show, or local play in your community.
8. Volunteer your time at a school or community center during an arts class.
9. Participate in a visual or performance arts class and learn a new skill.