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About Me

MA in Art - California State University, Northridge

These two rock sculptures are a part of my Masters in Art Exhibit "Nature in Distress".

My Thesis included sculpting distressed rocks and the juxtaposition of their environments. When I am out in the mountains hiking or biking, I see destruction to the environment, much of which has been caused by humanity. These devastated rock sculptures are an expression of these concerns.

"Motion" Abstract Series

I am a painter living in Los Angeles, California. Formerly a competitive runner and cyclist, my abstract paintings evolved from painting runners and cyclists. These “Motion” paintings are a paradigm shift out of necessity to express my need for a release. My paintings depict rapid and uninhibited motion through spontaneity. Validation of my visual expression of “movement” and "liberation" occurs through a close up invitation. Now I share "Motion" paintings reaching a new bliss. 

My Inspiration

My "In Motion" series began with my passion for cardio and movement.

Formerly a competitive runner and cyclist, my “In Motion” series originated from my desire to paint cyclists moving at a high speed.