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About Me

MA in Art - California State University, Northridge

These two rock sculptures are a part of my Masters in Art Exhibit "Nature in Distress".

My Thesis included sculpting distressed rocks and the juxtaposition of their environments. When I am out in the mountains hiking or biking, I see destruction to the environment, much of which has been caused by humanity. These devastated rock sculptures are an expression of these concerns.

"In Motion" Abstract Series

This series attracts viewers to take an intimate look at my “In Motion” art. Validation of my visual expression of “moving fast” occurs through a close up invitation. I see and view contemporary life as extremely fast motion. Motion brings out bittersweet feelings. With the contemporary seemingly in high speed motion, despair is brought on with everything moving so fast. However, there is a euphoric experience that exists while being in fast motion.

My Inspiration

My "In Motion" series began with my passion for cardio and movement.

Formerly a competitive runner and cyclist, my “In Motion” series originated from my desire to paint cyclists moving at a high speed.